Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Christmas comes early........

Multiple knocks on my door today have resulted in a day filled with new goodies!

Malifaux reinforcements for Seamus in the form of Molly's crew box, her totem the "Necrotic machine" and Seamus's hulking avatar form!  It's funny how the avatar's come in the smallest box possible!

My Empire of the Blazing Sun naval fleet that I have been awaiting from Arcane for a few months now....Very happy this has "finally" arrived!

Gladiator rulebook from Warhammer Historical, £10 for a gorgeous hardback rulebook....bargain!  I loved the Spartacus TV series, so looking forward to recreating some of that!  :)

and finally the Gears of War boardgame.....I've been looking at getting some boardgames for ages especially as quite a few now come with very highly detailed miniatures!  After reading the awesome review on Frontlinegamers blog and his recommendation I picked this game up!  Looking forward to trying this out, especially as it can be played solo!  :)

Anyway off now to play with my goodies.........

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