Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pulp City

A 32mm skirmish game played with superheroes and villains!  Build a team made up of Supremes of various levels and battle for good or evil.....
Level 1 Supremes are a little bit more powerful than regular humans.
Level 2 Supremes are super powered beings.
Level 3 Supremes are insanely powerful and only usable in large games!

One of my favourite villains, a lvl 1 by the name of "Gentleman" a ruthless hitman

A lvl 5 Hero team from the "Heavy Metal" faction featuring Dr Mercury, Nuclear Jones and Chronin
2 x level 2 Supremes and a level 1

This is currently all my Pulp City Supremes painted up.......although I still have more to finish......

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