Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Holy Crap....It's 2013....

So......It would appear I'm still alive!

2012 was a mixed bag......discovered my love/hate relationship with the evil loveliness that is Kickstarter!  Between that and Indiegogo I spent far too much money on goodies which will mostly begin turning up this year........

Need to try to use this blog now to document my hobby progress this year on, at the very least a monthly basis!  At the beginning of every month I will endeavour to:

- Show off miniatures painted that month

- Document games I played for that month

- Compare number painted of mini's painted to number received/brought.....this last one could go horribly wrong with all the kickstarter goodies due this year.....Sedition Wars, Relic Knights, Bones etc.......

One of the best things I did in 2012 was start up a group on Facebook "Miniature Addicts Anonymous", which as I write this now stands at 165 members and rising! The group has a fantastic mix of gamers, painters, sculptors and people from within the industry......chances are, if you're reading this you're already a part of the group but if not please come check us out at

miniature addicts anonymous

Catch you all soon....hopefully....



  1. FIRST!

    Hah! Look forward to it. Be sure to follow my rambly blog randomness too!


  2. Cool Simon, I look forward to your updates and will follow suit with my blog :)

  3. I really cannot wait to see that minis incoming versus minis painted comparison! Please use a big font size! Just kidding. Good to see the blog reanimated. :)