Friday, 8 March 2013

Yes I'm a slacker.........

So I failed miserably in my promise to update this blog, I have however painted stuff and played in an effort to make amends I will now post pics (if anyone does indeed read this)


January kicked off pretty well with a few games of my new favourite game Zombicide and I also painted up a fair few of the zombies in the box......there are 64, an abomination and 6 survivors!

Managed to plow my way through 20 of the zombies in January.......a good start I think!

Also finally received this box of goodies at the end of the month.......

more to come..........


  1. so Zombicide is worth picking up?

  2. Most definitely!!! unless you don't like zombies in any way! Even single player is a whole heap of fun! :)